Damar Webbing & Accessories

Damar Webbing & Accessories

Bespoke off road and 4x4 accessories made for us by Damar Webbing here in the UK.
If you are looking for a product we do not stock please contact us.
We can supply custom made items.
All Straps Denote Break Strain on the label.

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D Shackle

3.25T Screw / PinTested..

£7.92 Ex Tax: £6.60

Damar 4x4 Recovery Strap Kit with Soft Links

Damar4x4 Recovery Strap Kit with Soft Links4 x 4M Recovery Straps (5T)4 x Ratchet Straps (5T Break S..

£46.28 Ex Tax: £38.57

Damar 5T Tow Straps

Sizes From 2M - 20M5T Break Strain..

£5.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Damar Cage Straps

Cage Straps5T Break StrainUsed to make a quick winching point from anywhere on your roll cage..

£5.47 Ex Tax: £4.56

Damar Hook & Ring Winch Strap

Sizes From 1.5M - 3M5T Break StrainDesigned for quickly attaching a winch rope to a fixing point..

£35.51 Ex Tax: £29.59

Damar Kenetic Snatch Recovery Strap

Length 8M50mm Width (2")Break Strain 8TMakes light work of vehicle recovery...

£23.15 Ex Tax: £19.29

Damar Winch Straps Lightweight

Sizes From 1.5M - 4M5T Break StrainDesigned to create a fixing point to attach a winch rope..

£8.96 Ex Tax: £7.47